Summer Conservation Crew

Since its formation, the UBRC and its partners have successfully completed numerous habitat improvement and educational/outreach projects. With professional guidance provided by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and US Fish of & Wildlife Service, the UBRC was able to employ a part time summer work crew consisting of college students who worked together with volunteers to improve habitat and address a variety of stream restoration issues. Until 2016, the Summer Conservation Corps consisted of three - four “river rats” whose employment was managed by one of our project partners, the Montmorency Conservation District. Photos and/or reports for a number of these work crew seasons can be found here on the site. Collectively, the UBRC is grateful to all the river crews who contributed their time and toil to improving the in-stream habitat of the Upper Black River – it’s a better river because of their efforts.

With the advent of professional entities who provide in-stream habitat work, the UBRC issued a Request for Proposals for providing the in-stream habitat work after the 2016 season had wrapped. Three firms participated in this process and the successful bidder was selected. As a result, work in the river commenced in April of 2017 and continued well into November, allowing a remarkable amount of work to be done. Work resumed for the 2018 season, as well, and will continue annually for the foreseeable future! Crew reports filed throughout the 2017 and 2018 season can be viewed here.